Saturday, 9 June 2012

Low Interest Credit Cards For No Credit

Low Interest Credit Cards for College Students With No Credit

Whether you are a student looking for a credit card that you can use through school or a parent wanting to find a good card that they can send away with their son or daughter when they leave for school, here you will learn a few tips on how to select a low interest credit card for college students with no credit.

Low interest cards will keep the charges on your purchases to a minimum, which is important for first-time credit card holders such as students who need to make sure their interest charges are manageable each month.

Low interest cards are the best choice for students because they offer an opportunity to pay off student loans through a consolidated, low interest channel. Other debts also tend to pile up during college and it can be a struggle to juggle school along with a heavy load of bills. Having a card can reduce monthly bill payments temporarily to relieve some of the financial burden while a student is in school.

Credit cards that are targeted for students can even offer deals that will charge no interest if the balance is kept under an agreed upon amount. This is a great way to teach students how to budget their money each month to avoid interest fines. Keep in mind however that once a students schooling is completed, this agreement may be discontinued and the interest rates charged each month may be raised.

Another reason applying may be a good idea for a student is that a low interest card can be a great help in times of emergencies. Every parent worries about their child going off to college, even if it is nearby, and knowing that your student has credit available as a safety net can be a major stress reliever.

When you apply for a card, make sure that the interest rate is low to keep your budget under control and remember to only make purchases that you can pay back within a reasonable time period.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Credit Cards With Low Interest Rates and No Annual Fees

With today's current economic situation, finding the best credit cards with no annual fee can be tricky for anyone. You may be asking, are they still available? How do you pick the right offer? Here are some tips to help you in getting answers to these questions as well as many others.

Are Credit Cards With Low Interest and No Annual Fee Available?
While it may seem like credit is virtually impossible to get if you watch the news, the truth is you can still get no annual fee cards and even 0% interest cards if you do some searching. Sure, credit card companies are putting in tighter qualifications and lower credit limits, but they have to if they want to survive without a taxpayer-based bailout. But for those with good credit you can find some excellent deals out there.

Initially, when the credit card concept had just been introduced, for quite some time later there used to be an annual or yearly fee charged to the customer. There was lot of resentment and this fee slowly got eliminated. Nowadays, most credit cards come with a no annual fee offer and the marketing companies are utilizing this as a marketing gimmick. Most banks and financial institutions do not charge an annual fee and hence, the customer can look for additional features before deciding on a credit card.

This "no annual fee" does not strictly mean that there are no fees at all. It is the responsibility of the customer to read the entire document before signing for a new card. Service charge is the fee levied if the customer is unable to pay the entire balance every month. An additional fee, in the range of $35, is charged in case the customer goes over the individual credit card limit. There is a late fee charged in case the payment is delayed.

There are many credit card companies that offer no interest for an introductory phase, which enables the customer to clear his balances without any interest- accrues. There are also other attractive offers in terms of cash back and air miles rewards. Depending on the customer's current financial outlook, the credit card companies offer cards that suit the customer's requirements. Some cards offer best low interest as well as 0% interest rate for the first year for both, balance transfers and new purchases. It is generally an option offered to people with the best credit ratings.

People are generally fond of affordable and inexpensive credit cards and so credit card companies are always coming up with new low interest rate credit cards, with no annual fee, that corresponds to the customer's needs.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Low Interest Student Credit Cards

Parents have enough stress with their kids heading into high school and college, worry about their low interest student credit cards should be one of them. When it's time for your kids to move out and be away for college, you want them to have access to money, but it's on both the parents and the child to make sure they are responsible when it comes to using credit cards.

A lot of families and college students can get into financial trouble quickly if they are not actively watching their financial statements and billing transactions. This article will go into detail on where you need to focus your efforts to make sure you don't make the same mistakes others have made.

Student & Parent Responsibility is Key

It's not as easy as just signing up for a low interest student credit card then getting approved. Most time there will be a credit report on your history and sometimes a parent signature will even be required. The bottom line is, companies want to give you their credit card, but they have to make sure it makes financial sense for them first. What you do with the card and how you spend your money is not only the responsibility of the card holder, but also anyone who has co-signed on the account.

Low Interest Intro Rates

Credit companies make their money off interest. When you see a 0-2% interest rate, it's usually just to get people in. After a short period of time, or after missing a payment, you could see your interest rate hike all the way up to 25%. These high rates are not rare in these economic times and you must be aware of the fine print before signing up for a card.

What You Need to Know about Low Interest Student Credit Cards

# Too Much Spending Will Put You in Debt

One of the biggest problems with having your own cards, is how easy it is for card holders to get into a bad financial situation. When you have a credit card, you don't think of it as cash, and if it's a students first credit card, they may be spending too often and without caution.

A purchase of $1000 placed on a credit card with an interest rate of 18% can quickly build up. If the student only pays the $25 a month minimum towards the card, then end payment for that $1000 purchase will be around $1115, which is an extra $115.

# Student Debt is a Serious Issue

It's easy to fall into marketing campaigns and a consumer traps. Many promotions will have free shirts, very low intro rates and fun college students handing out applications. Some card promotions may even approve you on the spot. These are the type of cards you have to look out for. Remember to always read the fine print and keep your spending to a minimum.

Having a student credit card will build up your credit, but be careful not to build up your debt at the same time.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Low Interest Credit Cards For Bad Credit

Is it Possible to Get a Low Interest Credit Card With Bad Credit?

Due to global economy crisis, many people are suffering from bad credit. Having poor credit history is unfortunate. In order to rebuild it, you need to put in extra effort. One of the constructive ways to improve your credit history is through obtaining a new credit card. In general, this specially designed card charges the card users higher interest rate compared with the normal cards.

It is reasonable for the card providers to request for higher interest because it is always riskier to offer credit card for people with low credit score. However, it is still possible for you to obtain a card with low interest rate. Although it is a challenging task, with the right technique, you will be able to get a card with very reasonable interest rate. Let me tell you the secrets:
  • First thing first, you are advised to open a saving account with a local bank or a credit union which you are familiar with. You are required to set up direct deposit for your monthly pay check, if possible.
  • Secondly, after opening a saving account, you have in fact established your financial trustworthiness with your "potential" lender. You can start submit your credit card application with your bank or credit union. You stand a high chance of getting a card since your potential lender has got your record with them.
  • Thirdly, the total amount of your saving may not be a lot. Hence, the lender will normally offer you a very low credit line. You are advised not to reject but to accept the low credit limit with open arms. In actual fact, a card user is able to enjoy a good interest rate if he or she has a lower spending limit at initial stage. Don't be upset with the credit line. If you make your monthly repayment promptly every month, your card provider is more than willing to increase your credit line gradually.
  • Before you make your final decision, you are reminded to read all the terms and conditions carefully. Make sure that you are able to enjoy normal grace period like normal card users.
  • If you are not being offered a good interest rate, don't be disappointed. In my personal point of view, you should accept the offer as long as it suits your financial needs and you can really afford to pay. Again, by making your payment consistently, sooner or later your card provider will still reduce your interest rate.
Last but not the least; if you think that you can't afford the high interest rate, don't apply for credit card. There are debit cards and prepaid debit cards waiting for you!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Low Interest Credit Cards For Balance Transfers

Low interest credit cards are now being offered everywhere. With the economy trying to get a jump start once again, credit card companies are offering low APR offers as a way to bring in new customers. When getting new low interest credit cards, try to get one that you'll benefit from the most. For many, this choice is with balance transfer.

What is a balance transfer and how does this apply to your new low interest Visa? Cards that offer you transfers are allowing you to bring balances from other companies onto your new low rate card. This type of offer is a great opportunity for a borrower with many high APR cards with high debt and large monthly payments. Instead of making many monthly payments that can quickly add up, you make only one monthly payment. In your search for a low interest Visa or other type of offer with balance transfers, you may find offers for 0% interest.

Obviously, a company that offers to charge you zero interest is not going to make any money, so there must be a catch. There is a catch. First, low interest credit offers that offer a 0% intro APR are usually reserved for those with a very good credit rating. Second, it's important to remember that the introductory period is just that -an introductory period. Unfortunately, too many borrowers get these low rate cards with an intro APR of zero without realizing that it only lasts for a certain period of time. After the intro period is up, many of these low rate credit cards suddenly turn into high APRs, at least a lot higher than they anticipated.

Low interest credit cards with balance transfer usually come with a credit limit. Make sure that you take the balances from your highest rate cards so you'll actually be saving on interest. Even if you're having difficulty making payments on numerous credit cards, don't take balances off one low interest Visa and put it on your new low interest card if the rate is going to be higher, even if it is advertised as a low rate. When used wisely, a low rate card is a great opportunity to lessen your debt and improve your credit rating at the same time.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Best Low Interest Rate Credit Cards

Tips For Finding The Best Low Interest Rate Credit Card

Following the tips below can help you choose the best low interest rate credit card for your needs.

The first step when beginning your search for a low interest rate credit card is to verify your credit history is correct and you have a good credit score. You should also consider your current financial situation, as well as your spending behavior. Taking the time to examine this information will help you determine what features you should look for in a card, such as just a low rate, low cash advance fees or low interest rates on balance transfers.

You should not just limit your search for a new card to major banks. There are plenty of small, community banks, credit unions, and other official lending organizations out there that offer low interest rate credit cards. One of the best places to begin your search is online.

Log on and compare the current available offers, annual percentage rates, and fees from several lenders. Some cards may also offer rewards or incentives such as cash back, gas points, gift cards, or points that can be used for travel. Combining these programs with lower interest rates can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year.

In the event that you find a card that will meet your needs while online, take advantage of filling out an online application. Some lenders will approve your application instantly, cutting down wait times drastically. Instant approvals benefit both parties because you want to use your card as soon as possible, and lenders want you to start paying interest as soon as possible.

If you currently have many different credit cards with a range of interest rates, you may want to look for a low interest credit card that allows you to make balance transfers. This will allow you to consolidate some of your debt, while saving a bit of interest. Be careful to find a card that not only allows transfers, but will honor the same low rate and terms for these transactions.

Finding a low interest rate credit card gives you a bit of financial freedom and peace of mind should you find yourself in a difficult monetary situation. Remember, the market is flooded with all types of credit cards that make all types of promises. Read through all of the terms and conditions carefully before even filling out an application.

Verify the interest rate being offered, the length of time the rate is valid for, and if the rate is fixed or variable. You should also find out what events could cause your rate to jump to a higher percentage. Take plenty of time when searching for a card. Never rush into making this decision, as you may end up worse off than you were before.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Low Interest Business Credit Cards

The best thing about having a number of business credit card choices is the fact that you can compare different deals. In fact, some business credit card issuers offer low or zero introductory rates to keep up with the competition.

If you are presently in search of a credit card for your small business, don't forget to check zero rate business credit cards that are available in the market. In this post, let's discuss what zero rate cards are and how you can use it to your advantage.

Save Your Business Budget with a Low Interest Business Credit Card

A card with a low rate or a zero rate can enable an entrepreneur to cut back on business costs. The low rate or zero APR may be applied for a certain period which can range from 6 months to 12 months or longer, depending on the credit card.

During the introductory period, the cardholder can actually charge purchases to the account and submit only the minimum monthly payment without incurring additional interest rate charges. However, it is important to remember that as soon as the introductory period ends, the regular APR will be applied. You can even find zero interest cards that offer different types of reward programs such as cash back, gas rebates and miles rewards. Indeed, being able to enjoy a zero interest rate plus the opportunity to get incentives is an opportunity worth taking.

How to Choose a Low Rate Credit Card for Business

You may find yourself confronted with a couple of choices and the only way you can be sure that you will be making the right choice is by studying the complete Terms and Conditions of a card. Remember that a zero interest rate or a low rate offer does not automatically make a credit card the best one. Beyond the 0% APR, you need to check all the other fees associated with the card such as the annual fee, penalty fees, balance transfer charges, etc.

What about the functions and features that comes with the card? Are those features especially designed to help business owners manage their tasks? For instance, will you be provided with a Purchase Protection warranty in case there might be issues with your purchases? Will you be provided with a quarterly or yearly account summary report that you can use as reference for your accounting tasks or in filing your taxes? Will you be able to access your account online? Does the card issuer offer 24/7 reliable customer service? Will you be able to do online banking or send your payments online? These are just some examples of card functions that can help you in managing your business tasks.

Another important factor to consider is the credit reporting provision of a potential card. Will your payments be accurately reported to the major business credit trackers? Aside from enjoying a reasonable interest rate or rewards, you need to ensure that your business credit card will enable you to build up your business credit history as a preparation for your future business goals and projects.

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