Saturday, 16 June 2012

Low Interest Credit Cards For Excellent Credit

There are special credit cards available that require excellent credit rating for approval. There are many benefits when one maintains an excellent credit rating. When your credit rating is high, the lower will be the interest rate offered to you. For the credit cards with 0% initial APR's, applicant with superior credit ratings will be offered longer initial periods.

Having an excellent credit score grants a long list for privileges offered by the finance industry. If you have a an excellent credit score, your e-mail and your desk will be teeming with credit card offers especially if you are currently employed and you are enjoying a significantly high take home pay on a monthly basis.

If you have an excellent credit history, the credit cards that will be offered to you will usually have no annual membership fee. This saves you a lot of money since there will be no need to pay for your card processing and maintenance. If you are a big spender and you just love spending, having an excellent credit limit will also increase your purchasing power since you will not only have high credit limits. Instead, most credit card offers will no longer have over-the-credit-limit fees.

In addition, you can also get maximum introductory periods. Instead of getting a Zero interest rate and a Zero balance transfer rate for the first three or six months, yours will extend to one whole year. Such benefit will allow you to save a lot of money which could have been wasted otherwise on high interest rates. Moreover, you will also get significantly low interest rate even after the introductory periods end. Instead of getting variable rates which can go way up high to as much 19.99%, your credit card purchases will only incur 10.99% on the average.

Having an excellent credit score will also equate to more opportunities. Undeniably, more financial institutions and lending companies will find you very credit worthy. As a result, you will always be provided with highly competitive offers matched with instant and guaranteed approvals. Below are some of the most notable credit cards for those who have excellent credit scores:

Citi® Platinum Select®

This card will provide you with a Zero percent interest rate on your purchases matched with Zero percent balance transfer rates for the first 12 months of your card use. There are also no annual fees. Moreover, you will get added security and protection as your card becomes subjected to the Citi® Identity Theft Solutions that provides $0 liability on any unauthorized purchases made using your card.

Blue from American Express

This has a 0% APR on all your purchases for the first 12 months of your card use. In addition, you will also have a very low balance transfer rate of only 2.99% for the first year. There are also no annual fees. If you avail of this card, you can access the Membership Rewards Express® program and you can earn points and rewards that you can redeem for gift cards, entertainment expenses, travel expenses, and merchandise purchases.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Low Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards For Life

If you're a responsible cardholder who needs a little help getting back on the right track, a credit card that offers a life of balance transfer can not only eliminate excessive interest but also realign your credit score. Most financial organizations offer credit cards with a low promotional interest rate on balance transfers. But while these special rates usually expire 6 or 12 months after you open the new card, some cards make these special transfer rates permanent. If you qualify for a life of balance transfer, take advantage of it!

Life of balance transfer interest rates are often lower than normal credit card rates, varying from an amazing 0 percent to 9 or 10 percent, which is still much lower than traditional interest, which can be as high as 30 percent. If you have a balance on another credit card that's gathering 20 percent interest each month, why not move it to a card with half that? The savings will quickly add up. Plus, which a lifetime rate guarantee, you can take your time paying off the transferred balance (though, as always, it's best to pay as much as you can as quickly as you can).

However, be sure you do your homework before you jump in. For example, some cards only guarantee the life of balance transfer rate if you also use the card regularly for purchases, say twice or three times a month. This way, the company can offer a great deal but can still squeeze some interest payments out of you, the customer. However, read the fine print - the company may not specify exactly how much those purchases must be; buying two or three packs of gum each month might be enough to ensure you keep your premium transfer rate. But keep in mind, other cards will yank away your low interest rate if you DO make purchases with your card. Be sure you read the fine print!

Also, realize that what you're initially offered might not be what you're ultimately approved for. The envelope you get in the mail may promise a $10,000 transfer limit at 3 percent interest, but if your credit score is low or your history is short, the specifics of your contract will vary. Always call the company and ask them to explain the specifics of the plan. As mentioned before, make sure you're diligent and consistent with payments. Your special 3 percent rate could be hiked to 30 percent automatically if you miss even one payment.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Low Interest Rate Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

What You Need to Know About Credit Cards With No Annual Fee

Everyone looking for a credit card wants one with no annual fee, but no one wants a card with high interest rates. Since higher rates go along with credit cards that charge no yearly fees, you should think twice before getting one for yourself. Always remember that credit firms don't do this for charity. They are in it for the money. The no-annual fee is a mere come-on for you to sign up for an account.

They still have to profit from the deal somehow and they will - at your expense. The card holder, on the other hand, must deliberate matters well and make sure to also benefit from the contract before signing anything.

It is through annual fees, interests on late payments and other charges that creditors make money on. Make certain what your genuine reasons are for getting a credit card. There is no one card that fits all needs. A credit card with no annual fee can definitely be helpful to you as far as your finances go, but so can a credit card with minimal interest rates.

If you are the meticulous kind of person who takes care to pay all your balances in or on time, or you have a low balance on your account, then a credit card with no annual fee will be to your benefit. This kind of card makes up for the loss of an annual fee by attaching higher charges compared to other credit cards. This way, you will be charged lower no matter what the interest rates are as long as your balance is kept low.

That makes it imperative for you to pay off your total balance because if your account has a substantial balance, then interest rates will be higher. If you think you cannot keep up with payments which results in your balance being kept high, a no-annual-fee card will not be a good fit. On the other hand, get a credit card that charges the lowest possible interest rates will be beneficial to you. This way, you will save on cheaper charges that compensate for fees you will have to pay every year.

If you have set your mind on what you need from a credit card, you will not be swayed by hundreds of advertisements that offer astonishingly cheap introductory rates or all sorts of rewards on bonus points and cash backs. If you started out confused, after going through these commercials, these will only add to your confusion. One or two credit cards are usually enough for most people, so the trick is to be able to wade through all those advertisements with a critical and determined eye sorting out the useful from the less than useless.

There is no standard manner on how to do this. It would help a lot if before wading in you have already thoroughly examined your personal spending patterns. Armed with that assessment and information, you will find it easier to calculate and decide what card gives you the best deal.

Companies that offer a card with no annual fee have all sorts of enticements to get you to sign up with them. It could be minimal introductory rates that could go as low as zero percent that allows you to get a loan using your card for a limited time. Or they will try to sway you with bonus points that will earn you rewards like cash backs, grocery goods, free hotel stays, and even airline travel. Just like the basic no yearly charges and low interest, these are bells and whistles. What you the prospective card owner is really after is good and fair service with your card that will go well with your spending and paying habits.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Low Interest Secured Credit Cards

Tips To Help You Find Low Interest Secured Credit Cards.

If you're in the market to get a secured credit card, you may be wondering if you can find a card that has a low interest rate. While most of the rates on secured cards are generally high, there are some options when it comes to finding a low rate. Here's a few tips you can use in order to find a lower rate.

Look for higher fees - I know you won't want to pay higher fees when it comes to annual fees, monthly fees, etc but generally, when the fees are higher, you're going to pay less interest. This is a way for the credit card companies to recoup the costs.

Look for intro rates - I know intro rates don't' last for long but if you can find one that's good enough, you may be able to use the card and then request a different type of card. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. It never hurts to try! The worst thing that can happen is that you will need to cancel the card.

Research online - There are a lot of cards out there. It's your job to research all of the cards and find the lowest rate if that's what you're worried about. Since rates change on a daily basis, I can't tell you exactly which card has the best rate.

As long as you do your research and you follow some of the tips above, you'll be able to find a card that hopefully suits your needs. Honestly though, in the long run, worry about paying your card off in full so that you can avoid the interest rates.

You can go to to start finding low interest secured credit card applications.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Low Interest Credit Cards Balance Transfer

What You Should Look for in Low Interest Balance Transfer Credit Cards

People who find themselves in a tight fix with their current credit card don't have to pursue the problematic credit line. The road from bad to worse is easily taken in such cases. On account of their delinquencies, the lender will have raised their interest rates. Very often, the principal of the loan itself may have grown to more than double the amount that they originally took out from the lender. Obviously, without resorting to low interest credit cards, the card holder is trapped in a vicious debt cycle.

What Would be Considered Low Interest Rates for Credit Cards

One of the best moves to make in that situation is to look for another credit card which will accept the balance from your current one. But there are several requirements that the new card should have in order to make resolving the loan easier. First and foremost, the cardholder should verify that it is indeed a low interest credit card.

Normal rates which are extended to people with fair credit scores and people who have no credit scores at all are between 12 % - 17 % computed annually. The range will be different for those people who have excellent credit. The rate may even go down as low as 7 % computed annually for people with excellent credit scores. Then again, people who have poor credit scores are usually assigned interest rates between 14 % - 22 % computed annually. This is because such people are considered high risks for the lender and therefore, the lender wishes to maximize each collection that he makes

There will also be times when low interest credit cards do not actually have low interest rates up front. In such cases, don't be too ready to put the card off as a scam. Examine the rewards that are offered with the card. If it is really a genuine low interest credit card, you should find incentives and rewards that return to the card holder more than half of what he put out in terms of interest charges. Cards of this type are most typically cash back rewards credit cards. The rebate is usually 1 % of the amount of the purchase. In other instances, the rebate may be a little bigger than that.

Actually, cash back rewards cards offer two kinds of cash bonuses for two distinct categories of items. The first category has an upper price limit. The items that are included here are your daily necessities as well the products that you buy regularly. The cardholder is often given the option to alter the products that are included in this list from time to time. This makes it possible for him to adjust the list to conform to his seasonal consumption. Not all products can be included here, as already mentioned. The cash rebates for this category are normally awarded every quarter of the year and the actual amount of the cash returned is normally 5 % of the total purchases of items in that category for the preceding three months. If we divide 5 by 3, we discover that the monthly rebate is actually 1.6 % monthly so that even if your interest rate were 18 % annually, you would end up having all your interest disbursements returned to you. In this case, this type of credit card is not just a low interest credit card but is practically a 0 interest rate credit card. The only difference being that the interest payment is not deducted but reimbursed at some later date.

The Kinds of Low Interest Credit Cards That You Don't Need

On the opposite extreme, you have those low interest credit cards which advertise as little as zero percent interest rates. Although there are actually those which charge no interest at all throughout the lifetime of the card, the greater majority of zero interest offers are limited for a certain introductory period - usually from 6 months to one year. Most balance transfer credit cards have this kind of feature. However, before actually registering for a card, the applicant is advised to ask about the real interest rates after the promotional period is over. These should be the lowest possible for him, given his current credit record, and should not equal or be higher than that of his previous, compromised credit card.

In general, when confronted with attractive features such as zero interest rates, look past all of them to the conditions that will be prevalent after any introductory phase is over. You may have to bring the topic around to the nitty-gritty in spite of the efforts of over-zealous card promoters: Excuse me, sir, what are the normally prevalent interest rates and penalty fees?

Thank you for reading & good luck..

Monday, 11 June 2012

Low Interest Fixed Rate Credit Cards

In the present era of aggressive marketing, the various credit card companies are coming up with many attractive offers to entice potential customers into buying their cards. This offer includes providing low interest credit cards with cash back programs and other reward programs

When you take out a new credit card, you might consider low interest fixed rate credit cards as a way of helping you to save money. In fact many credit cards are offering great deals simply as a way to secure new customers. Searching carefully for the best deals really can help to save you money in the long run.

Fixed rate credit cards are a useful solution due to the fact that they do not add too much debt onto your existing balance. However, it is important to remember that these fixed rates are often only fixed for a certain length of time (commonly 6-12 months) and they may also only be available to those who have a very good credit score. You may even need to provide proof of income in order to be eligible for this type of card.

Generally fixed rate credit cards do not come with any frills. Due to the fact that the card issuer is not making much money from interest, they will generally not offer any other fancy rewards or services. However, if that does not bother you and you just need a card that can help you save as much as possible on our spending then it will be the perfect option for you.

Search around and you could find fixed rate credit cards as low as 0% for periods around a year or even more. Once your low interest period expires, check to see the standard interest you will be charged. Many online companies offer such deals, so take some time to compare various card issuers to find the best deal.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Low Interest Credit Cards For Students

College students are going to need some extra cash at times, and student loans aren't always going to get the job done. They're limited by school policies as well as federal regulations, so a student may find herself short of money even after her loans have run out. Both for her short term cash needs and for the sake of establishing credit, a low interest credit card might be the only answer.

Having credit card is a big deal, especially in this day and age when credit is what practically rules the world. Most of the people that are still making it in the world are people that have decent credit scores. Whenever you are thinking about purchasing something your credit will be ran to ensure that you have enough things to back your name.

It's kind of funny when you think about credit in a sense. Credit is kind of like an I owe you that you are making to a company. They are trusting you and giving you money that you will eventually have to pay back. The way that you pay the money back to the company is in a series of installments. The company will then give you a score based off of how you have submitted payment to them.

Having a great credit score is key to making it in this society. If your score is good enough you can basically have everything that your heart desires and not have to want for anything. With this credit card that you are being given you are given a chance to show that you deserve to have credit, do not mess your chances up.

If you're going to get a credit card at all, I feels strong that it should be a low interest student credit card. If that's not possible for you, look into low interest secured credit cards as a way of establishing yourself in the world of credit.